Monday, September 30, 2013

Sprachkurs Barcelona - Closer To You Then You Think...

 It's not the time lost, but each day i watch the news i see how people are losing important time not doing what they should do exactly. It's hard to find all the necessary sauce or create the perfect sauce in your life, you don't know the best ingredients to use. Life is like a puzzle, or better to say it's an enigma, and many times we prefer to keep it this way and leave hope as an escape door, or backup door, just in case something good will happen, without doing anything from our own Initiative. More or less, in life there are 3 categories of people:
1. Those who prefer to stand and wait
2. Those who do something but rarely have some luch
3. Those who really know what the life is about and fight from the start. 

I hardly know where i stand. I can't say i am the best in what i do, but i can't say i am the last person. My ambition is what makes me so powerful some times. I work and i work, because i know at the end something good will happen to me. This is the case when i decided to go for the best classes of the University of Spanish language, Sprachkurs Barcelona, as many call it. During the time i spent there, i have learned what professional is about, what being a winner means. 

Sprachkurs Barcelona is more like a new meaning of learning German, abroad on a Latin country. How cool is that. On first September 2012 i jumped on the plain and landed there. It was the best choice i ever made. The money i have made during the past years, they were now the best money invested. Sprachkurs Barcelona, is the best classes that i enjoyed. Not boring, not something that i would learn automatic. But something nice, clear and lovely. It was memorable and i do hope that my experience will be shared soon by other persons who love to learn and make a quality class abroad.